Sergey Berchenko: 2013 City Champion

Sergey Berchenko: 2013 City Champion

Congratulations to Sergey Berchencko, our 2013 City Champion! After six hard-fought rounds between some of Cincinnati’s finest players, Sergey emerged with 5.0/6 and a half-point lead over our runners up, Duane Larkin and Oleg Fabrikant.

This is Sergey’s 14th City Championship! He won this year’s tournament without a loss or a draw, winning the four games he played and using his two byes for a total of 5.0 points. Along the way he defeated tough competition, including five-time City Champion Hans Multhopp and last years runner-up Andy Mackowiak.

The under 1800 class prize was split between Jack Riesenbeck and Vito Carla with 3.0/6 each. Our under 1600 class winner is Leo Zamansky who had an excellent tournament, coming in 5th overall.

The tournament drew a great crowd this year, as every year. Thanks to all the players for braving the wintery in making this a great tournament. Congratulations to Sergery and all the players in this year’s Championship.

# Name Rtng Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Total Prize
1 Sergey Berchenko 2244 W9 W8 W4 W7 Bye Bye 5.0 $200
2 Duane Larkin 2006 W16 W13 Bye D4 W5 D3 4.5 $125
3 Oleg Fabrikant 1989 W14 L4 W9 W6 W7 D2 4.5 $125
4 Hans Multhopp 2200 W11 W3 L1 D2 D6 W8 4.0
5 Leo Zamansky 1507 W6 L7 W8 W12 L2 W11 4.0 $100
6 Jeremy Scheidt 1968 L5 W11 W13 L3 D4 W7 3.5
7 Andrew Mackowiak 2012 W15 W5 W12 L1 L3 L6 3.0
8 Jeffrey Palun 1827 W18 L1 L5 W15 W9 L4 3.0
9 Jack Riesenbeck 1771 L1 W18 L3 W10 L8 W16 3.0 $50
10 Vito Carla 1723 Bye L12 Bye L9 W16 W15 3.0 $50
11 Jeffrey Davis 1657 L4 L6 W14 Bye W15 L5 2.5
12 Isaak Gabrilovich 1842 Bye W10 L7 L5 D14 2.0
13 Daniel Cunningham 1584 W20 L2 L6 L16 W14 2.0
14 Jordan Smith 1030 L3 W19 L11 Bye D12 L13 2.0
15 Keevin Lee 1754 L7 W16 Bye L8 L11 L10 1.5
16 James Lake 1600 L2 L15 D19 W13 L10 L9 1.5
17 Phil Disque 1338 W19 1.0
18 Luis Aragon 1406 L8 L9 Bye 0.5
19 George Brown (House) 1031 L14 D16 L17 0.5
20 Andrew Ward 1872 L13 0.0