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Tie Atop the 2014 Club Championship

Thanks to everyone for a great 2014 Club Championship! We had a total of 20 players, a number we usually see only at the City Championship and the recent 2014 Quick tournament. Congratulations to Oleg Fabrikant and Leo Zamansky, the victors of the 2014 Club Championship. Oleg and Leo each finished the four round tournament with 3.5 points, winning three games each and drawing only against each other. In the end, Leo won the tiebreaker match and earned the 2014 Club Championship Trophy. The Cincinnati Club Championship is always a fun and exciting demonstration of chess prowess and skill. A four week affair where the Masters and Experts put on a show of their superiority; and the hungry lower rated show off what they know and have learned in attempts to overthrow the titans at the head of Olympus. The arduous matches proved how hungry some of the players have...
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City Champion 2014 – John Randolph

John Randolph is the 2014 City Champion. His final record was a 5.0/6, putting him a half point in front of two other players and giving him his first City Championship title. Class prizes went to Robert Chenault, Leo Zamansky(tie), Jeremy Scheidt(tie), Jeff Davis, and Daniel Horne. Congratulations to John on his excellent performance, and to all our players for a great 2014 tournament. # Name Rtng Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Total Prize 1 John Randolph 2253 W5 W17 H— W7 D6 W4 5.0 $250 2 Hans Multhopp 2234 W15 W12 L7 W19 D8 W6 4.5 $75 3 William Morriss 2068 H— W16 L4 W10 W12 W8 4.5 $75 4 Oleg Fabrikant 2079 H— W13 W3 D8 W7 L1 4.0 5 Robert Chenault 2046 L1 W22 H— W16 D14 W12 4.0 $110 6 Sergey Berchenko 2246 W20 D9 D8 W14 D1 L2 3.5 7 Russell Wilson 2054 W18...
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Hans Multhopp Wins Club Championship

Congratulations to FM Hans Multhopp for winning the 2013 Cincinnati Chess Club Championship, held in four rounds from Aug. 16 to Sept 6. Jeremy Scheidt took second place by drawing with Hans in the final round. Jeremy also had the biggest ratings increase of the tournament – 50 points – with a win and a draw against two players rated more than 200 points above him! Daniel Cunningham and Luis Aragon tied for the under 1600 prize, with a total of two points each Eleven chess enthusiasts played in this year’s event – a small turnout, but a well-fought contest nonetheless. Welcome to the three new members from New York and Pennsylvania who joined the club during this tournament – Jack Phelps, Matt Phelps and Matt O’Brien. May they have many exciting chess games in Cincinnati going forward! Both Hans and Jeremy were undefeated going into their final game with...
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Sergey Berchenko: 2013 City Champion

Congratulations to Sergey Berchencko, our 2013 City Champion! After six hard-fought rounds between some of Cincinnati’s finest players, Sergey emerged with 5.0/6 and a half-point lead over our runners up, Duane Larkin and Oleg Fabrikant. This is Sergey’s 14th City Championship! He won this year’s tournament without a loss or a draw, winning the four games he played and using his two byes for a total of 5.0 points. Along the way he defeated tough competition, including five-time City Champion Hans Multhopp and last years runner-up Andy Mackowiak. The under 1800 class prize was split between Jack Riesenbeck and Vito Carla with 3.0/6 each. Our under 1600 class winner is Leo Zamansky who had an excellent tournament, coming in 5th overall. The tournament drew a great crowd this year, as every year. Thanks to all the players for braving the wintery in making this a great tournament. Congratulations to Sergery...
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Alex Chastukhin: 2012 City Champion

The 2012 Cincinnati City Championship is complete! Check out games from the later rounds as well as all the results below. Read below for an account of the tournament from Robert Chenault. At the conclusion of the tournament, there were actually two players tied for first place with 5-1 scores, Andy Mackowiak and Alex Chastukhin. So this meant a playoff. But there was controversy…Andy Mack (as we call him) and Alex (The Ukrainian Fist…. as we call him) they had already played head to head. When that game was played, Andy Mack rocked it slow and ever so tender…. pulling out the win against Alex. Duane Larkin, the TD, ruled that this head to head tie breaker did not determine a clear champion (engraving a name in the trophy) and a playoff was ordered. The playoff was held one week later during the Annual CCC Christmas Party. It was a...
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Club Tournament 2012

  Round 1 – September 21, 2012 Jeremy Scheidt 0-1 Hans Multhopp John Miller 1-0 Vito Carla Tim Lake 0-1 Duane Larkin Andrew Mackowiak 1-0 Brad Warren Jordan Smith 0-1 Robert Chenault Ben Bryant 1/2 Bye Jeff Davis 1/2 Bye Luis Aragon 1/2 Bye Round 2 – September 28, 2012 Hans Multhopp 1/2-1/2 Andrew Mackowiak Duane Larkin 1-0 John Miller Robert Chenault 1-0 Ben Bryant Luis Aragon 0-1 Jeff Davis Brad Warren 0-1 Jeremy Scheidt Jordan Smith 0-1 Tim Lake Vito Carla 1/2 Bye Round 3 – October 5, 2012 Robert Chenault 1-0 Duane Larkin Jeff Davis 0-1 Hans Multhopp Andrew Mackowiak 1-0 John Miller Vito Carla 0-1 Jeremy Scheidt Ben Bryant 1-0 Luis Aragon Brad Warren 0-1 Jordan Smith Tim Lake 1/2 Bye Round 4 – October 12, 2012 Andrew Mackowiak 1/2-1/2 Robert Chenault Jeremy Scheidt 1-0 Duane Larkin Jeff Davis 1-0 Ben Bryant Luis Aragon 1-0 Tim Lake...
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