The Cincinnati Chess Club is a 501(c)3 charitable organization located in Deer Park, Ohio. The Club strives to bring the joy of this game to players of all ages and sexes in the Greater Cincinnati area. Young players benefit from participating in many organized sports. In football, players must learn to memorize the playbook, call plays, move in the correct direction, and adapt on the fly in the matter of seconds. Chess players must learn troop movement, strategy, and quick calculation to succeed in the game. Also, the joy and art one experiences playing chess will enrich that person forever.

Another of the Cincinnati Chess Club’s goals is to bring these benefits to the aging player as well, providing a location for these men and women who are either new, beginners, or past players who have fallen away from the scene. The mind can be bolstered and refined through regular chess play. Logic, problem solving, and memorization are key components needed for everyday life and a career and are especially beneficial tools as one ages.

In the heart of it all, chess has important and instrumental mental health improvements that it provides to all those who engage in its sport. Not to mention, it’s a game, and thus, also entertaining and fun. The Cincinnati Chess Club is proud to provide these benefits and joys to all those who reside in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Cincinnati Chess Club welcomes any donations related to chess including books, boards, pieces, clocks, and monetary donations. As a club, we support chess in the community, through both our Thursday night club meetings and in local schools and communities. All donations will go, in full, to those goals. We appreciate any contribution that you are able to make.

Please bring all physical items (books, boards, clocks, etc.) to the club during our open hours and find one of the officers to make the donation.

For monetary donations, we can accept cash and checks at the club or donations with credit cards or through PayPal right here:

Thank you for your interest in helping to promote Cincinnati chess!