The following tiebreaks will be used in all Cincinnati Chess Club tournaments, unless otherwise noted. These will only be used for prizes; any and all cash payouts will be paid as prescribed in the USCF Rules of Chess.

Cincinnati Chess Club periodically announces events run by other organizations. They will likely use differing methods from ours.

Swiss System Tournaments

These methods will be applied, in order, in Swiss System tournaments. In the event of multiple-way ties, at each step, if one or more participants would be eliminated, we will do so and take the remaining contenders into the next method.


If two (or more) players are tied, their head-to-head results will be the first tie break. If they drew or did not face each other, proceed to the next method. Ranking (plus or minus), not percentages, are used.

Solkoff System

The Solkoff system is the sum the final scores of each opponent a participant faced. All unplayed games are counted as half a point, regardless of the reason they weren't played, including zero- and full-point byes.

Most Games with Black


Kashdan System

Score four points for a win, two for a draw, one for a loss, and zero for an unplayed game.

Sonneborn-Berger System

This system sums the final scores of all opponents defeated, plus half of the final scores of all opponents drawn.

Round-Robin Tournaments

Owing to everyone playing the same field, certain methods are not applicable, and others have fewer drawbacks. For round-robin tournaments, the following tiebreaks will be used in order: Head-to-head, Sonneborn-Berger, Most games with black.

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