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Round 2 Complete in Club Championship

The Club Championship is off to a strong start! There are 19 players entered and 18 of them played games this past Friday. See the second round results below:

Round 2
White Player Result Black Player
John Randolph 1/2 - 1/2 Jeremy Scheidt
Leo Zamansky 1-0 Hans Multhopp
Oleg Fabrikant 1-0 Jeff Benjamin
Vito Carla 1-0 Jake Lennon
Keevin Lee 1-0 Austin Vetter
Steve Phillips 0-1 Tim Lake
Daniel Cunningham 1-0 Daniel Horne
Jordan Smith 0-1 Filiep Declerq
David Rief 1-0 Nick Doud
Jeff Davis - Bye

We'll be adding games from this year's tournament throughout the next four rounds. Continue to check back for new game postings.

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Club 2014 Leaderboard:

# Name Rtng Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Total
1 Oleg Fabrikant 2019 W12 W8 2.0
2 Leo Zamansky 1914 W17 W7 2.0
3 Vito Carla 1684 W19 W14 2.0
4 John Randolph 2285 W10 D5 1.5
5 Jeremy Scheidt 1973 W13 D4 1.5
6 Keevin Lee 1700 Bye W16 1.5
7 Hans Multhopp 2213 W11 L2 1.0
8 Jeff Benjamin 1719 W18 L1 1.0
9 Jeff Davis 1697 D14 Bye 1.0
10 Tim Lake 1675 L4 W15 1.0
11 Daniel Cunningham 1655 L7 W17 1.0
12 Filiep Declercq 1640 L1 W18 1.0
13 David Rief 1594 L5 W19 1.0
14 Jake Lennon 2033 D9 L3 0.5
15 Steve Phillips 1314 Bye L10 0.5
16 Austin Vetter UNR Bye L6 0.5
17 Daniel Horne 1396 L2 L11 0.0
18 Jordan Smith 1117 L8 L12 0.0
19 Nick Doud 723 L3 L13 0.0

Fischer 960 Tournament in March 2014

The Chess Club’s Hans Multhopp and Andy Mackowiak hosted a two-week event dedicated to the Chess960 chess variation. Chess960 (or Fischer Random Chess) was developed by Bobby Fischer and is one of the most common chess variations in use today. The rules are nearly identical to the standard game, but the pieces along the back row are randomly placed for each player. This allows for 960 different ways to set up the board at the start of a game and means that standard book openings cannot be used. All players, novice or master, must rely on pure chess instinct and creativity from the very first move. It’s an exciting variation that leads to some very interesting games and helps to level the playing field for all players.

Our first week's tournament featured three quads. The top quad had an average rating of 2170, and we had two youth members as well to round out a very diverse field of players. Check out pictures from the first night below. The winners of each quad are:

In our second week of 960 play, we had three new quads for players to compete in. There winners of the second round are: