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First Annual Holiday Open

On December 12-14, Duane Larkin along with the CCC and Alan Hodge (TD) delivered a great tournament, the 1st Annual Holiday Open. The Holiday Inn & Suites at Eastgate was nice and spacious and accommodating. Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati players came out and represented and competed. The organizers gave away nice door prizes: free t-shirts, free food vouchers for the hotel restaurant, free chess boards. They voluntarily increased the prize fund. Really nice. There was a popular chess vendor on site, offering early Christmas specials.

The winners were as follows:

Open Section/Holiday Open
IM GORAN VOJINOVIC 4.5 - 1st place
IM RONALD BURNETT 4.0 - 2nd place
FM HANS MULTHOPP 3.5 - 3rd place
DAVID PENG 3.0 - 4th place/tie
OLEG FABRIKANT 3.0 - 4th place/tie
BLAKE BAUMGARTNER 3.0 - 4th place/tie

Under 2000/Holiday Open
GREGG STARK 4.0 - 1st place
SCOTT KLUTTZ - 3rd place
ARVIND PRASAD - 4th place

Under 1700/Holiday Open
MICHAEL PERKINS 4.5 - 1st place
STEVE PHILLIPS 3.5 - 2nd place
FILIEP DECLERCQ 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
CHRISTIAN BECHTOLD 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
KEVIN REN 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie

Under 1400/Holiday Open
RICHARD HAYES 4.5 - 1st place
SAMUEL AMMERMAN 3.5 - 2nd place
DAVID CARROLL 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
JAMES BRICKEY 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
MARK CARROLL 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
KALPAK DUDDELLA 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie

City Champion 2014 - John Randolph

John Randolph is the 2014 City Champion. His final record was a 5.0/6, putting him a half point in front of two other players and giving him his first City Championship title. Class prizes went to Robert Chenault, Leo Zamansky(tie), Jeremy Scheidt(tie), Jeff Davis, and Daniel Horne. Congratulations to John on his excellent performance, and to all our players for a great 2014 tournament.

# Name Rtng Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Total Prize
1 John Randolph 2253 W5 W17 H--- W7 D6 W4 5.0 $250
2 Hans Multhopp 2234 W15 W12 L7 W19 D8 W6 4.5 $75
3 William Morriss 2068 H--- W16 L4 W10 W12 W8 4.5 $75
4 Oleg Fabrikant 2079 H--- W13 W3 D8 W7 L1 4.0
5 Robert Chenault 2046 L1 W22 H--- W16 D14 W12 4.0 $110
6 Sergey Berchenko 2246 W20 D9 D8 W14 D1 L2 3.5
7 Russell Wilson 2054 W18 W10 W2 L1 L4 D9 3.5
8 Leo Zamansky 1977 W21 W11 D6 D4 D2 L3 3.5 $55
9 Tony Bayless 2014 W22 D6 H--- L12 W19 D7 3.5
10 Jeremy Scheidt 1962 W24 L7 H--- L3 W15 W14 3.5 $55
11 Andrew Mackowiak 2031 W25 L8 L14 D15 W20 W16 3.5
12 Duane Larkin 2006 W23 L2 W18 W9 L3 L5 3.0
13 Jeff Davis 1784 H--- L4 H--- W18 U--- W19 3.0 $110
14 Alan Falkingham 1960 H--- H--- W11 L6 D5 L10 2.5
15 Keevin Lee 1745 L2 W23 L17 D11 L10 W18 2.5
16 Daniel Horne 1388 H--- L3 W22 L5 W23 L11 2.5 $110
17 Jake Lennon 2032 W19 L1 W15 U--- U--- U--- 2.0
18 Daniel Cunningham 1681 L7 X24 L12 L13 W22 L15 2.0
19 Tim Lake 1684 L17 W21 W20 L2 L9 L13 2.0
20 Vito Carla 1845 L6 H--- L19 W21 L11 H--- 2.0
21 George Brown 1049 L8 L19 W26 L20 U--- W23 2.0
22 Ramesh Boury 1286 L9 L5 L16 W23 L18 H--- 1.5
23 Jim Brown 1210 L12 L15 H--- L22 L16 L21 0.5
24 Jeff Benajmin (H) 1741 L11 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0
25 George Perry UNR L10 F18 U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0
26 Cecil Baker (H) UNR U--- U--- L21 U--- U--- U--- 0.0

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CCC at 2014 Boys Scout Peterloon Festival

On October 11th 2014, the Cincinnati Chess Club participated in the 2014 Boy Scouts Peterloon Festival. This is a huge yearly event with over 5,000 Boys Scouts and people in attendance. Chess was a huge hit with over 15 boards set up and players rotating all through out the day (that's 30+ players playing at any one time). For scouts who did not know how to play, we taught them on the spot. We promoted the club and handed out literature to help Scouts get involved in the Cincinnati scholastic chess scene. Many fathers played sons. Boy Scouts played grandparents and friends played friends. The only problem that we had was when it was time to leave...the Scouts did not want to stop playing chess. Our fearless President, Duane Larkin, helped to set up and run our exhibit, he also taught Boy Scouts how to play chess. It was a great day and the Cincinnati Chess Club looks forward to returning next year to promote our club and the beautiful, artistic, fun game of chess.