Coming Up This Week - **Club Closed**

THE HOLIDAY OPEN: Registration is Open!

The Cincinnati Chess Club is proud to be a sponser of the First Annual Holiday Open. The tournament takes place on the weekend of December 12-14.

Find all the details on the Holiday Open Homepage.

City Championship 2014 - Now Underway

This year's city championship played round 3 this past Friday. We have some pictures and results posted below.

# Name Rtng Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Total Prize
1 Russell Wilson 2054 W19 W13 W6 3.0
2 John Randolph 2253 W14 W7 H--- 2.5
3 Oleg Fabrikant 2079 H--- W17 W12 2.5
4 Leo Zamanksy 1977 W20 W16 D5 2.5
5 Sergey Berchenko 2246 W18 D8 D4 2.0
6 Hans Multhopp 2234 W18 W9 L1 2.0
7 Jake Lennon 2032 W11 L2 W18 2.0
8 Tony Bayless 2014 W24 D5 H--- 2.0
9 Duane Larkin 2006 W22 L6 W19 2.0
10 Alan Falkingham 1960 H--- H--- W16 2.0
11 Tim Lake 1684 L7 W20 W21 2.0
12 William Morriss 2068 H--- W15 L3 1.5
13 Jeremy Scheidt 1962 W25 L1 H--- 1.5
14 Robert Chenault 2046 L2 W24 H--- 1.5
15 Daniel Horne 1388 H--- L12 W24 1.5
16 Andrew Mackowiak 2031 W23 L4 L10 1.0
17 Jeff Davis 1784 H--- L3 H--- 1.0
18 Keevin Lee 1745 L6 W22 L7 1.0
19 Daniel Cunningham 1681 L1 X25 L9 1.0
20 George Brown 1049 L4 L11 W26 1.0
21 Vito Carla 1845 L5 H--- L11 0.5
22 Jim Brown 1210 L9 L15 H--- 0.5
23 Jeff Benajmin (H) 1741 L16 U--- U--- 0.0
24 Ramesh Boury 1286 L8 L14 L15 0.0
25 George Perry UNR L13 F19 U--- 0.0
26 Cecil Baker (H) UNR U--- U--- L20 0.0

New Member Night Draws Big Crowd

On July 25th, the Cincinnati Chess Club held its annual New Member Night where we welcome in anyone who's interested for a night of chess and food, all free of charge. This year we had a packed house, with many of our regular members showing up along with a whole bunch of new players. Duane and his team out on the grill kept the hot dogs and hamburgers coming in as fast as they could, but each round was gone as quick as it came off the grill. Several of our friends came down from Columbus for the evening to share in the festivities (and they even brought chess piece shaped cookies to share!). By the end of the night we had 5 new members join us and several members come back to renew their memberships for another year, along with strong support through donations and profits from our book auction. The evening was a lot of fun, and a great success.

The CCC was honored to have guest visitors who drove in from Columbus: Evan Shelton and Eric Gittrich. Evan is the President of the Ohio Chess Association (OCA). Eric, is a trustee along with our own club President, Duane Larkin. They were here to support our event and promote the OCA, and both were impressed with how much our club has grown compared to last year. Evan and Eric are pictured below holding up a copy of the OHIO CHESS BULLETIN on which they are featured on the front cover.

New Club Quick Champion: Jeremy Scheidt

Congratulations to Jeremy Scheidt on his compelling victory in this year's Quick Championship. Jeremy has always been among the club's elite players and really struck out here with a 5.5/6.0 victory atop the 16-man tournament. This year's Quick Championship featured a diverse group of ages and skill levels, and many players managed to boost their quick rating with some strong performances. Thanks to everyone for making the tournament a big success, and a special thanks to Jon Applebee for his work as tournament director.


# Name Score
1 Jeremy Scheidt 5.5
2 Leo Zamansky 4.5
3 John Miller 4.0
4 Joseph Pehoushek 4.0
5 Andrew Mackowiak 4.0
6 Hans Multhopp 3.5
7 Duane Larkin 3.5
8 Oleg Fabrikant 3.0
9 William Morriss 3.0
10 Jeff Davis 3.0
11 George Brown 3.0
12 Daniel Cunningham 2.0
13 Tim Lake 2.0
14 Chris Alge 2.0
15 Daniel Zimmer 1.0
16 George Perry 0.0