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Blindfold Championship and Chess Bazaar

A blindfold tournament was held on December 4th and 11th, with the final on December 18th during the annual Christmas party and chess bazaar.

Participants included Robert Chenault, Keevin Lee, Hans Multhopp and John Randolph. In a knockout format, Hans and John survived to the final round on December 18th. The night included food for everyone, an auction of chess books and equipment, and the blindfold final. Hans Multhopp donated a chocolate chess set for the final! So pieces were not only captured, but eaten! Here is the blindfold final game:

Blindfold Championship Game - December 18, 2015
White: FM Hans Multhopp
Black: John Randolph
Notes by Randolph

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2015 City Championship - Russ Wilson Wins

Russ Wilson is the new Cincinnati city champion! In Round 6 the final round, Russ was paired with 14-time champion Sergey Berchenko. Late in this game Sergey was up an outside passed pawn, while Russ had initiative towards Sergey's king and a time advantage. As spectators gathered, Sergey took his king to the center of the board where he had pawns and active pieces to defend it. A draw became possible as the players repeated moves - Russ angling for a path to Sergey's king and Sergey parrying the threats. Sergey broke the repetition and played for the win. Russ maintained the initiative, and broke through to a decisive advantage after Sergey ran very short on time.

Russ defeated three masters on his way to clear first.

Five-time champion FM Hans Multhopp took second, while William Morriss and Jeff Davis tied for third. David Rief, Anthony Bayless and Robert Chenault each took home class prizes.

Here are the final standings, along with some of the games:

2015 Cincinnati City Championship

#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Tot
1Russell Wilson2074W11W7W2W5D3W6 5.5
2Hans Multhopp2211W15W3L1W8W6W7 5.0
3William S Morriss2055W12L2W10W13D1D5 4.0
4Jeffrey Stu Davis1761L7W14W9H---H---W13 4.0
5John B Randolph2216D6W9D8L1W15D3 3.5
6Sergey Berchenko2210D5D8W17W7L2L1 3.0
7John M Miller2058W4L1W15L6W8L2 3.0
8Anthony W Bayless2001W13D6D5L2L7W14 3.0
9Robert Chenault1910D10L5L4H---W12W15 3.0
10David B Rief1590D9H---L3L12W17X16 3.0
11Daniel Cunningham1736L1D13D12H---L14W17 2.5
12James T Lake1719L3L15D11W10L9W18 2.5
13Andrew L Ehrman1706L8D11W14L3W16L4 2.5
14Jonathon Hibbard1339D16L4L13B---W11L8 2.5
15Justin Thom Storn1810L2W12L7W17L5L9 2.0
16Vito Carla1828D14L17H---H---L13F10 1.5
17Paul Poston874H---W16L6L15L10L11 1.5
18Jeff H Benjamin(House Player)1734U---U---U---U---U---L12 0.0

Cincinnati Women's Championship

Angela Crump is the 2015 Cincinnati Women's Champion! Angela finished the tournament with a perfect 3-0 score. The Top Youth prize was won by Riya Koul with a 2-1 score. The Top Youth prize was an original copy of Life's Bobby Fischer issue from 1972, which was donated to the event by Casey Pugh. Robert Chenault directed the event. Congratulations to Angela, Riya and all who participated in this year's tournament!

# Name Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Total Place Prize
1 Angela Crump W6 W3 W2 3.0 1st Trophy + $50
2 Juanita Welch W7 W5 L1 2.0 2nd-4th $20
3 Riya Koul W8 L1 W5 2.0 Top Youth, 2nd-4th Magazine + $20
4 JB Franklin L5 W7 W6 2.0 2nd-4th $20
5 Amulya Sarabhi W4 L2 L3 1.0
6 Casey Pugh L1 W8 L4 1.0
7 Isabel Dougherty L2 L4 W8 1.0
8 Sarah Poston L3 L6 L7 0.0