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Dave Class

Chess Club honors David Johnson

For those who don’t know, Dave was a former vice president of the Cincy Chess club. We want to recognize him after his passing two years ago.

Dave was an outgoing, very sociable person, who could hold conversations with anyone from a guy standing on the corner to mayors and council people.

Dave taught me about giving back to the kids and making sure that the Cincinnati Chess Club will always be community focused.

I first met Dave when I first started doing my Eden Park chess tourney which, lasted about 11 years and was always a year ahead of the start of the Queen City Classic tourney at Paul Brown stadium. Dave was a participant the first year of the Eden Park event. He liked the tourney so well, that he wanted to join up and be a part of it in the future.

Although the tourney was a community event, he was particularly focused on kids. He motivated me and I partnered with him to do kids only projects. Such as starting chess clubs at churches, rec centers, public schools; we did free annual tourneys at libraries, and city wide Rec. center tourneys.

Dave became involved with an NCAA program that brought young athletes to NKU for summer day camp. He insisted that chess would be one of their activities. We had classes with over 200 rowdy kids, but they all settled down with a laugh, when the teacher, “a local chess master”, had a wardrobe malfunction!

He insisted that the kids wouldn’t have to pay anything to participate and play.


Dave came loaded with mega plans and ideas, in which he would talk his way into getting you to type them up. He could convince you of anything by buttering you up. He would tell me, Duane you got me started in the chess world so I can give back to our kids. You’re a leader in the local chess scene. You ought to run for a national chess office.

I know this was just talk but, we were able to work together on smaller projects while his bigger ideas waited for the right sponsorship. He was thrilled to work with the “Cris Collingsworth Pro Scan Fund” people, they seemed to be the ones he felt would and could do big things with chess in the city and state. So, he wanted to assist and work with them, to establish good relationships.

They have in turn, been the biggest supporters to him and other chess ventures in the city.

Also thanks to “CassCan Enterprises, Inc”. (Eric Robinson) they have also given donations to support chess in the city.

Dave, who probably was an average chess player in skill, as I recall. He was no match for the really advanced players. But, he was gracious in his loses. He would play down your exuberance at your great move against him. If you say ‘ha, what do you think if that move, he would say “it’s alright but, it’s a little country for my tastes”.

Although chess he was ok at, when he played checkers, he was unbeatable. We would schedule variant nights at the chess club and checkers would be the focus that night, We came in thinking we’re master’s and experts at chess. That there’s no game with us practicing a week or so that we can’t dominate. Especially a game that we see old guys playing in the park. Dave came and played in the checker tournament and I don’t think he ever lost a single game in the two or three years he played and won the tournament.

Well so much for practicing hard and being a chess master.

Eden park  pic



Yesterday I celebrated the life of one of the most influential men I have ever met. Dave Johnson was a great Chess player, coach, teacher, activist, humanitarian, mentor and an even better person. He will be deeply missed

-Kevin Coleman


A beautiful human being.

   -Hans Multhopp


Queen City Classic Chess In Schools Program

The Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund's mission is to empower children by fostering self-esteem, sportsmanship, and critical thinking through the game of chess. CCPF's Queen City Classic Chess Tournament will celebrate the 15th annual event on March 11th-12th, 2015. Selling out at 700 students the past few years, CCPF relies on committed volunteers like the Cincinnati Chess Club to make the event successful.

Through the success of the QCC Chess Tournament, CCPF saw a growing enthusiasm for chess in the Cincinnati community. Inspired by the many benefits chess offers young minds, CCPF launched the Chess in Schools Program in September, 2013. The program places trained chess instructors in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Greater Cincinnati to teach the game to local students. Providing both in-school and after-school chess lessons, CCPF empowers children by cultivating skills that will serve them throughout their lives: critical thinking, concentration, patience, and sportsmanship.

If you are interested in learning more about the QCC Chess Tournament or Chess in Schools Program, please contact 1-866-PSCHESS or visit!

2015-2016 Participating Schools:

Blindfold Championship and Chess Bazaar

A blindfold tournament was held on December 4th and 11th, with the final on December 18th during the annual Christmas party and chess bazaar.

Participants included Robert Chenault, Keevin Lee, Hans Multhopp and John Randolph. In a knockout format, Hans and John survived to the final round on December 18th. The night included food for everyone, an auction of chess books and equipment, and the blindfold final. Hans Multhopp donated a chocolate chess set for the final! So pieces were not only captured, but eaten! Here is the blindfold final game:

Blindfold Championship Game - December 18, 2015
White: FM Hans Multhopp
Black: John Randolph
Notes by Randolph

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