2013 Women's Championship

Women's Tournament Draws Big Crowd


The Cincinnati Chess Club got a wonderful response to the call for women and girls to come out for the Annual Cincinnati Women's Championship at the Club. The event was held Friday, May 3rd and was a three round event, games in thirty minutes. 10 strong female players showed up, from all backgrounds and ages. Supporting the effort of these ladies, were friends and families and other interested chess players, bringing the total number of people at the club to around 40.

What’s particularly notable is that, at this Women’s championship, after three rounds there was not a clear first place winner; two players each finished with 3 points. Three other players ended up with 2 points each, and could have easily gone undefeated in the three round event. Given the fierce level of competition at this event, such performances across the board (so to speak) indicate that the bar is being raised higher and higher each year. Maryjane Heckel was crowned the winner when she defeated DeAngela Stanley on time in a playoff blitz chess game to decide the title. Both players were unaccustomed to the use of clocks and playing in a 5min. blitz game. Although Deangela had a good position going, her time ran out and Maryjane Heckel became the 2013 Women's Champion. Congratulations to Maryjane and all the women on a wonderful tournament.

The food spread, furnished by Robert Chenault, also was a big hit. There was a vegetable tray, with various dips for all tastes, and a fruit tray, making it a healthy feast for all. The club also provided soda, cookies and other sweets. Most people were happy in letting the kids indulge themselves in those items. Check out all the pictures from the event below!