2013 Club Championship

Hans Multhopp Wins Club Championship


Congratulations to FM Hans Multhopp for winning the 2013 Cincinnati Chess Club Championship, held in four rounds from Aug. 16 to Sept 6. Jeremy Scheidt took second place by drawing with Hans in the final round. Jeremy also had the biggest ratings increase of the tournament – 50 points – with a win and a draw against two players rated more than 200 points above him! Daniel Cunningham and Luis Aragon tied for the under 1600 prize, with a total of two points each

Eleven chess enthusiasts played in this year’s event – a small turnout, but a well-fought contest nonetheless. Welcome to the three new members from New York and Pennsylvania who joined the club during this tournament – Jack Phelps, Matt Phelps and Matt O’Brien. May they have many exciting chess games in Cincinnati going forward!

Both Hans and Jeremy were undefeated going into their final game with each other (Hans with three wins, and Jeremy with two wins and a half-point bye). This game would decide the championship. They began with an unusual variation of the Reti Opening (1.Nf6). Hans sacrificed a Bishop for a couple of pawns and the attack, which Jeremy survived. Hans Queened a pawn first, but with Jeremy’s pawn one square from Queening, and less than a minute on his clock, Hans went for the draw by perpetual check. An excellent and worthy nail biter to decide the 2013 Cincinnati Chess Club Champion!

-Jeff Davis

This game and others from the tournament can be viewed here.

Final Standings:

# Name Rtng Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Total
1 Hans Multhopp 2200 W6 W3 W5 D2 3.5
2 Jeremy Scheidt 1918 W7 W8 H-- D1 3.0
3 Isaak Gabrilovich 1830 W11 L1 W9 H-- 2.5
4 Jeff Davis 1669 H-- D5 W7 D6 2.5
5 Vito Carla 1731 H-- D4 L1 W11 2.0
6 Daniel Cunningham 1580 L1 H-- W11 D4 2.0
7 Luis Aragon 1261 L2 W11 L4 W9 2.0
8 Matthew O'Brien 2145 W9 L2 U-- U-- 1.0
9 Matt Phelps 1341 L8 W10 L3 L7 1.0
10 Austin Lewis 498 U-- L9 U-- U-- 0.0
11 Jack Phelps UNR L3 L7 L6 L5 0.0