2014 Boy Scout Festival

CCC at 2014 Boys Scout Peterloon Festival

On October 11th 2014, the Cincinnati Chess Club participated in the 2014 Boy Scouts Peterloon Festival. This is a huge yearly event with over 5,000 Boys Scouts and people in attendance. Chess was a huge hit with over 15 boards set up and players rotating all through out the day (that's 30+ players playing at any one time). For scouts who did not know how to play, we taught them on the spot. We promoted the club and handed out literature to help Scouts get involved in the Cincinnati scholastic chess scene. Many fathers played sons. Boy Scouts played grandparents and friends played friends. The only problem that we had was when it was time to leave...the Scouts did not want to stop playing chess. Our fearless President, Duane Larkin, helped to set up and run our exhibit, he also taught Boy Scouts how to play chess. It was a great day and the Cincinnati Chess Club looks forward to returning next year to promote our club and the beautiful, artistic, fun game of chess.