2014 Women's Championship

B Franklin is 2014 Women's Champion

Congratulations to JB Franklin on her 3-0 performance and earning the title of 2014 Cincinnati Women's Champion, and to all the women who played a great tournament. Duane Larkin has provided a summary of the title game in his story below, along with the results table and some photos of the event

A crowd of over 34 people watched, as a total of 8 women and girls competed in the tournament. It all came down to the final game, with Michelle Chen and JB Franklin battling for the 1st Place trophy.

JB, who perennially finishes around second place, finally got over the hump to win with a 3-0 undefeated performance.

When I started watching in the middle of the game I felt that the position was unclear, with both sides pushing king side attacks. I was completely unaware until later, that JB was a queen up. Perhaps she had won Michelle’s Queen very early in the opening. But Michelle still had chances with possible pawn advances to directly assault JB’s king position. After Chen made a passive knight retreat, JB placed her Queen aggressively on the rook file attacking a piece. Chen protected the piece and attacked the queen at the same time. This crucial point of the game was to me the determining factor.

JB needed to decide whether to...

  1. Risk her queen's safety by being in a corner surrounded by enemy pieces.
  2. Retreat all the way back to her side of the board and be completely safe.
  3. Fight her demons of wanting to move fast and being too overly aggressive and make the proper move.

She decided on option #3, and for the rest of the game, to use more patience. She moved the queen up a square to keep a constant queen presence and attack on the pieces. JB was eventually able to bring in another piece. Then a trade, a capture, and win of a free piece, led to the destruction of Michelle's king defenders and an eventual well-deserved championship win for JB.

-Duane Larkin


# Name Rtng Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Total
1 J.B. Franklin UNR W6 W7 W2 3.0
2 Michelle Chen 1132 W8 W3 L1 2.0
3 Rithu Rajgopala 650 W4 L2 W5 2.0
4 Kavya Chintakaya UNR L3 W6 W7 2.0
5 Joanna Hu UNR D7 W8 L3 1.5
6 Esther Chenault UNR L1 L4 W8 1.0
7 Courtney May UNR D5 L1 L4 0.5
8 Deanna Hu UNR L2 L5 L6 0.0