Cincinnati City Championship 2019

Justin Storn repeats as the city champion!

Our 2019 Cincinnati City Championship was a completed with a playoff to decide who would get the trophy and title of city champion. Out of 22 players, we had 7 players in the newly created U 1600 section and 15 players in the Open. With over $600 in prizes the action came down to the final round with 5 players tied for the lead. In the end Justin Storn and Joshua Miller tied with 4.5 pts. Justin defeated Joshua, in a two-game playoff the following week to take home the trophy and the title. FM Hans Multhopp was clear 3rd with 4 pts. Jeff Davis with a 3.5 score won the under 2000 prize. The under 1600 section was won by Ruthvik Ayyagari with a 4.5pts. Sebastian Castilla had 2nd place with 4.0. Tim Sawyer and Sri Bondalapati tied for the under 1100 prize.

The story of the tournament was of course was young Joshua Miller who was the only person with no losses in the open section in the first 6 games. He has raised his rating from 1659 to 1861! An incredible 200 points, with a performance of rating of over 2200 in the tournament.