Win an entry into the King's Island Open!


The Cincinnati Chess Club will be running quads for entries into the King’s Island Open on Thurs
Sept. 2nd.  You will play in a quad for your section of the Kings Island Open coming up Nov. 12-
14.  See official flyer here for the KI tournament
A quad is a four-player round robin.  You will play 3 games with people in your section. Time
controls will be G/30 d5. Registration starts at 6:15. Entry fee is $30 per person.
The 1st 4 players registered for each section will be a quad.  There will be more than 1 quad in
each section if enough players are present.  Please try to register early to guarantee you get a
spot.  You can register online at or at the site.  1st come 1st serve.
Online entries are in front of onsite entries.  Online entries can be paid with
Visa/Mastercard/Amex/paypal.  Onsite cash only.

You can register for the quads online here:


Round 1 starts at 7pm Rounds 2 & 3 will be 5 minutes after the last game is finished in your quad.

Prizes are 1 entry to the 2021 Kings Island Open per quad.  A $133 value.

Sections are as follows.
Major/Open quad for players over 1900
Quad 1 will be for players under 2100
Quad 2 will be for players under 1900
Quad 3 will be for players under 1700
Quad 4 will be for players under 1500
Quad 5 will be for players under 1250
Quad 6 will be for players under 1000

The Cincinnati Chess Club meets on Thursdays in the Francis Healy Community Center
7640 Plainfield Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236

For questions email or contact Fred Mastin tournament
organizer at 714 305-0027.