2014 Holiday Open

First Annual Holiday Open

On December 12-14, Duane Larkin along with the CCC and Alan Hodge (TD) delivered a great tournament, the 1st Annual Holiday Open. The Holiday Inn & Suites at Eastgate was nice and spacious and accommodating. Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati players came out and represented and competed. The organizers gave away nice door prizes: free t-shirts, free food vouchers for the hotel restaurant, free chess boards. They voluntarily increased the prize fund. Really nice. There was a popular chess vendor on site, offering early Christmas specials.

The winners were as follows:

Open Section/Holiday Open
IM GORAN VOJINOVIC 4.5 - 1st place
IM RONALD BURNETT 4.0 - 2nd place
FM HANS MULTHOPP 3.5 - 3rd place
DAVID PENG 3.0 - 4th place/tie
OLEG FABRIKANT 3.0 - 4th place/tie
BLAKE BAUMGARTNER 3.0 - 4th place/tie

Under 2000/Holiday Open
GREGG STARK 4.0 - 1st place
SCOTT KLUTTZ - 3rd place
ARVIND PRASAD - 4th place

Under 1700/Holiday Open
MICHAEL PERKINS 4.5 - 1st place
STEVE PHILLIPS 3.5 - 2nd place
FILIEP DECLERCQ 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
CHRISTIAN BECHTOLD 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
KEVIN REN 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie

Under 1400/Holiday Open
RICHARD HAYES 4.5 - 1st place
SAMUEL AMMERMAN 3.5 - 2nd place
DAVID CARROLL 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
JAMES BRICKEY 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
MARK CARROLL 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie
KALPAK DUDDELLA 3.0 - 3rd Place/tie