2014 Inagural Quick Tournament

Deer Park Quick Tournament Results Are In


Thirty chess players battled on 15 boards in a multiple record-setting night at the Inaugural Deerk Park Quick Chess Tournament held Friday, Feb. 21, 2014.

It was the single-highest number of tournament participants over the last few years at a non-city championship or holiday party event. The Women's Championship recorded 30 attendees in May 2013, but we are consistantly reaching antendence levels around that mark in 2014!

In all, there were 36 in attendance - six more than than the number of attendees at our Grand Opening on January 17 - including four new members and some familiar faces who returned to the club for tournament play.

Also, four families made a strong showing at the tournament with 2-4 members of the Storn, Wright, Breckenridge and Chenault families in attendance.

Players - both USCF-rated and non-rated - were grouped into six quads and one Swiss - for three rounds of chess (G/24, 5 second delay).

Cincinnati Chess Club President Duane Larkin captured the Top Quad with a 2.5/3 score. He pulled off an exciting first-round, Knight and Pawn victory over Club Champion Hans Multhopp, as both players were feeling time pressure in the end game.


The complete list of Quad/Swiss winners and points are:

  • Duane Larkin 2.5/3 - Top Quad
  • Andy Mackowiak 3.0/3 - First Quad
  • Leo Zamansky 2.5/3 - Second Quad
  • Daniel Horne 3.0/3 - Third Quad
  • Garrett Fulton 3.0/3 - Fourth Quad
  • Kyle Brackenridge 2.5/3 - Fifth Quad
  • Ben Bryant 3.0/3 - Sixth Quad

The tournament director was Jeff Davis. Special thanks to Jeff Benjamin for helping with the event, and thanks to everyone who showed up for making the night a huge success.

-Story and Pictures by Steve Phillips