2014 Deer Park Grand Opening

Grand Opening at Deer Park a Huge Success

The club celebrated our new home in Deer Park on January 17th, 2014 with a Grand Opening party. We had drinks, food, cake, and a lot of chess throughout the evening. A complete account of the event by Ben Bryant, and some pictures from the evening are below.

One simply needed to walk through the front door to feel the crescendo of energy and excitement pulsating through the room. A new location full of expansive space and a multitude of tables and chairs to seat the large crowd gathered within the hall. Plates of food and drink filled the room, a large decorated cake to coronate the new beginnings. The Cincinnati Chess Club had opened doors to its new home.

Tables were filled with the young and old, beginner to professional and all other ranges to speak of. Many sat crouched before their games, pushing wood and plastic soldiers across the chess fields in friendly battle. Laughter and conversation followed victories harrowing win and defeats not so bitter in a crowd of friendly faces.

To one side a more hard fought battle ensued, as an impromptu blitz tournament seated eight in double round robin play. Even the tournament had a playful feel to it, further adding to the pleasant and delightful environment. While some played and others watched the exciting games going on, still others perused the books and software set upon another table. A large screen television broadcast chess videos further designed to educate and entertain.

New homes offer new beginnings. The Cincinnati Chess Club has always felt an old home of comfort with a deep current vibe of fresh ideas and environments. A place to go and play, improve and learn. The club has an exquisite new location full of wonderful and passionate players. The Cincinnati Chess Club has brought the majestic game to Deer Park. And it has arrived with style and flair.

-Ben Bryant


Here are the final standings from the night's blitz tournament:

# Name Rating Total
1 Oleg Fabrikant 1989 12.5
2 Leo Zamansky 1869 11.0
3 Hans Multhopp 2184 10.5
4 Andrew Mackowiak 1874 6.5
5 Robert Chenault 1995 6.0
6 Vito Carla 1685 4.5
7 Ben Bryant 1684 3.0
8 Andy Ramakrishnan UNR 0.0