Cincinnati vs. Dayton 2010

Cincinnati Match Team Players

In an exciting event dubbed the "Showdown at High Noon". Cincy defeated Dayton in a match played in Dayton on Oct. 23 2010. The final result wasn't decided until the very last game was completed. Tim lake pulled out a must win victory against his opponent.

See Tim's story and game below.

I’m basically playing a “Leningrad Dutch” with reverse colors. Move 7 I’ve always considered to be my “move in hand,” making black’s thematic e5 more difficult. Black’s plan to win a pawn by trading his fianchettoed bishop for my knight is dubious. His kingside is now vulnerable to the infiltration of both my knight and bishop along the dark squares. After move 19 I’m down two pawns and my positional compensation is not apparent. However, I have a feel for such games; playing for piece activity and a local majority. My 23rd move Rf1 was essential. If he had been allowed to play Qf4, the queens would come off and now black’s two pawn advantage would be enormous. At more 33 Andre had less than two minutes on his clock to my seven.

When there were thirty minutes left on my clock, players one by one started to gather around our game. I didn’t know where we stood in our match with Dayton. I was playing only for a win, since Andre had taken the first game. I didn’t realize the importance of this game until Andre resigned and Duane Larkin gave me a big hug. The match was tied and I needed to win for our team to win. Duane made mention that it was probably my first and last hug from him. What I would like to say is that some of the finest people I have ever met are connected to the chess world. Duane is one of them, and Andre too!

-Tim Lake

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